Welcome to SpareOom

SpareOom is a forum for discussion of matters relating to, or inspired by, the life and works of C.S. Lewis (1898-1963). We ask that at least half of topics relate in some way to C.S. Lewis, though we recognize that his interests were broad and therefore discussion may stray.

SpareOom began on 1 September 2000 as a Yahoo group (initially named MereLewis2), intended to discuss matters that were deemed too off-topic for the now-defunct MereLewis AOL Listserv. When that group disappeared without a trace, SpareOom became the place for Lewis-related as well as less-Lewis-related discussions. With Yahoo’s decision to drastically reduce the features of Yahoo groups in late 2019, the group was migrated to a Discourse forum.

This forum is dedicated to the memory of its founder, Ray Schneider, who entered the Lord’s presence on 28 January 2019.