The True Bread of Life

Peter, I love your song!!!

In addition to the dialogue with the Green Lady in Perelandra, Lewis has some fascinating remarks in the Problem of Pain about what obedience must have been like for the unfallen pair in the Garden of Eden: they would have delighted in obedience because obedience was what they delighted in. And they even delighted in the slight overcoming of the very slight resistance which might have existed simply by being a self as distinct from God, a self which had the option of choosing other than God’s will.

There is also that utterly delicious passage at the end of The Silver Chair where Aslan tells Caspian he can no longer want anything wrong now that he has died and is in Aslan’s country. Can you imagine what it will be like always to want the good, true and beautiful thing naturally as that which we truly want? That is what our Lord has in store for us!

Your song anticipates that almost unimaginable state of mind, Peter. Thank you!




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