The Heavens declare the glory of God

I’ve started playing with astrophotography in the last few weeks. No special equipment, just a camera, lens, and tripod. Friday night, took some pictures of Comet Neowise:

A couple of weeks ago, I shot the Andromeda Galaxy:

Nobody’s going to mistake these for pictures from the Hubble, but I think it’s neat that it can be done without a telescope, tracker, specialized camera, etc.

I have been noticing that there are more and more strange things being found as telescopes get bigger and better. The result is that the universe is seen to be more and more strange than we thought it was before. This shows that God likes a lot of variety!


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I love your pictures, Dan. Variety – just think of all the different species of plants and animals!

Undragoned by Aslan,

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Thank you, Dan, for the awesome photo! Your pictures of comets and stars–and here’s your missing Lewis connection–makes me think of a passage in The Discarded Image. I cannot remember it, and my books are still jumbled since the last move, but Lewis writes of the difference in meaning and emotional content of modern man looking out into space, and earlier man looking up into the Heavens as if he were at the lowest rung of a very long ladder. Maybe somebody can help out here…it is the ending of one of the first couple of chapters.

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Awesome! Plus, how could I not give a shout-out to anyone using Kosh as their avatar?

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Of course. After all, I have always been here.