Synthetic life, is it possible?

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Synthetic life, is it possible?


Naturally, reductionist philosophy leads to the opinion that synthesizing life must be, not just possible, but relatively easy.

OTOH, the fact that this hasn’t happened yet would argue to the contrary–it certainly isn’t for want of people who want to “tamper in God’s domain.” Lewis, of course, presented such a scenario in That Hideous Strength, but the reanimation of The Head was not (as it initially appeared) the result of natural or mechanical processes.

If anyone is interested in learning how NOT easy it is to make even the supposedly simplest living cell, I can recommend looking up “James Tour”, “origin of life”. Some fascinating videos on YouTube, for instance.

Mr Tour is a leading synthetic chemist, and one of very few people in the world who can build nano-machines out of molecules.

He also seems to be a Messianic Jew with an intriguing conversion testimony, also on YouTube.