Dan, I got this post, with attachment, below, and two follow-ups, in my AOL email, apparently from

"Roy Laroya [SpareOom] SpareOom@yahoogroups.comHide
To yahoogroups

IMG_0154.PNG (2.9 MB)

Does anyone know where this quote comes from? I had never heard it before.

I was obviously very surprised by something coming from, which I had assumed was defunct. Can you explain?



The Yahoo group is not completely defunct. I’m not sure if I have the power to delete it, but even if I did, I don’t think I’d want to, as its page still has a pointer here. All the archives are gone, along with anything that had been uploaded (all of which I have downloaded, and most of which I’ve uploaded here), but the group itself still exists, and it’s possible to send email messages to it.

But with that said, I’m not at all sure the messages you received are legitimate. I didn’t receive them, and I should be receiving any messages from the group. Unfortunately, there’s no longer a way on the yahoogroups web site to see any history of messages to or from the group (even over the last day or two), so I can’t be certain either way, but I’d lean toward the messages being a form of spam. @Roy_Laroya is a member here as well; hopefully if the message is legit he’ll post here instead.

I replied to Roy’s post, without really considering whence the message came, and then he replied back to me. I would guess that he was not engaged in spamming; I know for a fact that I wasn’t.

If he replied back, no, most likely he wasn’t. Seems like it’s time to send out another reminder, then. And leaves the question of why I’m not seeing those messages.