Not receiving posts

Dan, once again I am not getting new posts through my email ( I do check the SpareOom app, but if someone has replied to a previous post, there is no way to see that, except to check through the individual posts. Maybe other SpareOomers are also having the same problem?


Dimitry, once again, your email is sending bounces to my mail server. After a certain number of bounces, the forum will temporarily disable email to your account–yours was set to restart on 24 October. I’ve reset it for you. I don’t have any control over what messages your mail system bounces; if there’s something you can do to reduce the bounces, that would prevent this problem from recurring.

I also, Dimitry. It is only happening with Spare Oom, - and there is nothing i can do at this end, it seems. I am simply hoping this stops happening one day! Dan, perhaps you could reset my email as you did Dimitry’s?

Done. I’m happy to reset them, but I’m not notified when it happens–feel free to ping me if you notice it again.