Lewis sighting? Doug Wilson

Here’s a talk of about an hour by Doug Wilson, a Presbyterian minister in Moscow, Idaho, on the subject of Lewis’ theology. Wilson is a Calvinist, as was his audience for this talk, which doubtless explains its title: “Was C.S. Lewis Reformed? Not exactly, and of course.” It was given in 2013, but only posted to Youtube in the last couple of days:

It makes for an interesting overview of some of Lewis’s theology, showing that it developed a bit over the course of his life too.

@Ruby, I believe you’ve expressed concern about Lewis’ treatment of scripture in Reflections on the Psalms–Wilson echoes this at about 6:40 in the video, although he doesn’t deal with the subject at any length.

Wilson has also written on other Lewis-related topics, including Emeth and Susan (both of which I believe I’ve mentioned before):

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