Excessive/unexpected emails

It’s come to my attention that, likely as a result of recent changes to the board membership, some members are getting emails they didn’t expect or don’t want. I suspect that most of those affected were members of the SpareOom Yahoo group who had turned off email notifications. Since they’ve been activated here, they’re now getting emails.

If you’re affected, you can minimize the emails yourself by turning off mailing list mode as described here:

If you aren’t able to log in, would like me to do it for you, or just have questions about this, please respond to this email (or this topic, if you’re logged in to the web site) and I’ll do my best to help you out.

Hi Mike -
I used to be on SparOom long time ago but dropped off. Now I’m getting emails from a a lot of current members. Could you help me get back OFF the list?
Lynn O’Connor

No idea how. I started getting a lot of them a few days ago and I’m not sure how it got revived.

I’d probably contact one of the moderators. Dan is one, for instance.

Same for me. I’ve tried twice to unsubscribe, with no success.