Cleaning up old topics

As most of you know, this forum is the continuation of a Yahoo group that functioned mostly as an email list. Yahoo grouped messages into threads based on their own criteria, and this forum pretty well followed along.

Unfortunately (and as many of you will remember), Ray, our late and beloved Golden Dragon, was not in the habit of replying to a message in order to continue a conversation–rather, he’d compose a new message, with a new subject, addressing whatever he chose to (and sometimes dealing with two or more ongoing discussions). Not only was this somewhat difficult to follow in real time, it’s wrought havoc with the archives–a single prolonged discussion may span 20 topics or more. All the messages are there, but they aren’t connected in the way they should be.

As I’ve been encountering some of these old discussions, I’ve been trying to reassemble them, which many of you have seen today with the Genesis/science discussion. A drawback, though, is that those who receive email notifications (which are a majority) get such a notification whenever I move messages from one topic into another. Today, that’s meant over 20 email notifications about a 15-year-old thread.

Any thoughts on this? My inclination is to keep doing what I’ve been doing, but I’m sensitive to the concern about excessive emails.

No problem for me, as all the messages you’ve sent appear linked together as a single item in my mail box.


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