Christmas in SpareOom, 2001(?)

This file was uploaded to the SpareOom Yahoo group, apparently by @Rich_Errington_rlerr. It appears to have much of the Golden Dragon’s Christmas lore, and also some of the ensuing discussion. It was uploaded as a Microsoft Word document, but I’ve converted it to PDF.

christmas20in20spareoom20-2001.pdf (102.2 KB)

On the subject of Christmas in SpareOom, I’d like to offer the following fictional piece: 2 sides of A4, taking less than 10 minutes to read.

Background: In December 2017 I was charged with writing a short “thoughtful” (German “besinnlich”) Christmas text for the office party. Encouraged by Lewis, I wanted something that would entertain, but also get a Christian message in under the PC (“political correctness”) radar.

I showed it to Manuel Alfonseca at the time, and he translated it into Spanish for me, bless him. He suggested I post it in SpareOom, but for some reason I never did.

Better late than never, I hope.

May “The Grand Miracle”, as Lewis called it, bless you and all you love this Christmas, and continue to inspire the long task of freeing Thulcandra.


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The novels and paintings of Michael D. O’Brien of Ontario.

M.R.R.Abbas Christmas story

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