Behavior versus Behaviorism: Tabula Rasa and Gender Ideology

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Behavior versus Behaviorism: Tabula Rasa and Gender Ideology


Fascinating, Manuel, and thank you. Lewis has our choices forming us into one thing or another, fit for heaven or for hell. I don’t think that position on the significance of human choice precludes us recognizing
the variable raw material with which each of us starts.

He writes elsewhere about those who start off with winsome personalities and “advantaged” upbringings should not presume on this while the folks with poor self-esteem, etc., should take heart that God knows their
situation and struggles. I’m not remembering the exact reference at the moment and am too lazy to get up and look for it.

But one really has to keep the two ideas from Lewis: the significance of our choices and the recognition of variable starting points, together to have a fully integrated view of our human situation. And as a Christian,
of course, we all start with a “bent” self else no Redeemer were necessary.


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