Another Lewis sighting on The Briefing

Al Mohler’s references to the Bible on Wednesday as being “not a tame book” were admittedly a little speculative as a Lewis reference, but this morning’s show was an explicit reference. It’s St. Valentine’s Day, of course, so an obvious topic of the day is love–and, as you might expect, he discusses The Four Loves a bit.

Back in 1958, C.S. Lewis gave a series of radio talks that were later released as a book entitled The Four Loves . He identified those four loves based upon the Christian worldview as affection, friendship, eros (that’s erotic love), and charity. Now we would need to update the language, but we also need to recognize that even as, of course, Christians recognize those different dimensions of love, we also understand that the Greek language used in the New Testament is not quite so neat and clean as C.S. Lewis might have argued.

Catch the whole episode here: