Another C.S.Lewis channel on YouTube: cslewisweb: Scientism and Intelligent Design

Dear friends of C.S.Lewis,
I am still an avid viewer of YouTube (YT) content, though disturbed by their increasing censorship of what they consider “politically incorrect” content, and their “cancelling” of persons who publish such content on YT.

We have previously discussed YouTube’s C.S.Lewis Doodles channel, where someone simply reads a piece of Lewis’s aloud, and a doodler illustrates it in synch. In terms of preserving and popularising Lewis’s legacy I think this one of the purest ways. For sure, the doodler sometimes puts his own “spin” on the text, but that is minimal. Most of the time it’s just explanatory illustration.

Over the past months I have noticed another C.S.Lewis channel called C.S.Lewis web. Is anyone here involved in it? It seems to have at least intellectual ties to the “Discovery Science” channel, which advocates for “Intelligent Design” (ID) as opposed to Darwinian evolution. Both cite Lewis as an opponent of “Scientism” and so indirectly as a proponent of Intelligent Design theory – see videos entitled “The Magician’s Twin” and similar.

Whatever your stance on Darwin vs. ID, the videos make interesting viewing for Lewis fans. I’m sure there is a lot in there that we can profitably discuss in this forum.

Under the Mercy,