A singular universe

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A singular universe


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Thank you, Manuel, some of your quotes remind me so much of Polanyi whose discussion of level relationships has always stuck in my mind as something fundamental to reality. My go to reference is in Tacit Dimension but I believe he also discusses this in Personal Knowledge. I’m paraphrasing from memory here but, as I understand it and as it seems observation will tell us all, as an example, a pile of clay could never predict bricks or pottery or anything else to be made of it. The “higher level” of brick making or pottery making must impose its conditions upon the raw material of the clay, the “lower level.” But the quality of the clay, of course, can impact the quality of the bricks or pottery.

It basically seems a pattern of reality that there are levels all the way through which exist in asymmetrical, hierarchical but interdependent relationships. Hmmm, sounds suspiciously like the Trinity, doesn’t it, where we have Three Persons in One God in hierarchical but “interdependent” (if “dependency” of any kind could apply to God) relationships. Our language fails us trying to describe the Trinity here and it should. If He could be explained, He would not be Himself.

Nevertheless, I suspect echoes of the Trinitarian pattern are stamped in all He has made. Lewis calls something like this “His Style” somewhere.

Enjoying thoughts of Him,


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And the man rejoices to ride, as the steed (think Fledge) rejoices to be ridden! Lewis points this out as I recall.

Thank you, Ruby!

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Thanks, Ruby. I’ve used your paraphrase to answer a question by a reader in the Spanish version of this post.

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One Lewis essay (sermon) that I find myself returning to, again and again, is Transposition.
I believe it’s in Weight of Glory, It can be heard at https://youtu.be/PXwJk8WtpUY

It has some very good points, I think, about the futility of materialistic reductionism.

And someone in MERELEWIS, I think, used to tag his posts with (I paraphrase)
Human thought is merely chemistry.
Chemistry is merely physics.
Physics is merely mathematics.
Mathematics is merely human thought.

Reductionism is futile.

Whoever you are, Thank You. That little text has changed my life for the better.

PS. Another gem of a Lewis essay, “Meditation in a toolshed” has something to say about how one can study all the scientific facts about a phenomenon, and still be oblivious to its meaning, or even to the possibility that it has any meaning at all.

Under the Mercy

There are two versions of Transposition: a first one, shorter (in Transposition & other addresses) and a second one, expanded (in The Weight of Glory & other addresses). The first one can be found here: https://gutenberg.ca/ebooks/lewiscs-transposition/lewiscs-transposition-00-h.html.